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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chronicles of Narhia, the lau hor, the pek sek lau goh and the cupboard

This is a gor see about si eh si ginah who go into this cupboard and enter the land of Narhia. Then they ki kuan this pek lao hor called Ass-Lan. Ass-Lan ka si ginah kong, pek sek lau goh sibeh ebil one. Simi ebil ay mee kia pun zho, zho dai yee long lah, jaywalking lah, kicking ah kao ka ah ngeow pun woo.

After that, si ginah Edmund bo tai bo ji ki chuay pek sek lau goh. Then pek sek lau goh sibeh angwee as choon ay sa eh ginah bo lai. Then yee pa Edmund soh ki lai, di dungeon lai been.

Sa ay ginah zhai si ginah Edmund hor pek sek lau goh liak tiok liao, yi nang sa eh lang ai ki kio Edmund, so 3 kor ginah ka lau hor Ass-Lan ki chuay pek sek lau goh pia zhui, ki settlement talk ka ki hoot lang. Yee nang pun tuak leh zhin zhuay ka kia ki pia zhui.

Yi nang long zhon kio Edmund choot lai liao, then pek sek lau goh buay huay hi, ka Ass-Lan kong that traitors hor, eng gai hor yi ka ki. Ass-lan ka pek sek lau hor kong zhin zhuay jiao way liao, kong ka yi eh chui ta liao, then in the end. Ass-lan sibeh pek chek, go tiao lao si, ki zho sacrifice.

But after Ass-lan si liao, Ass-lan suddenly tng lai from the dead. Then woo zhe ay ginah kio Peter, yi woo zhe ay army ki hoot pek sek lau goh. Pek sek lau goh kena hoot ka jialat jialat and then yi zhao liao

After that, long zhong ay lang happy happy liao, then si ay si ginah ki zho ong liao. Zho kao sibeh song, then yi nang si ay tng Engrand. End of story liao.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

What the fuck is the MPA doing?

From this link. It would seems like the MPA is going crazy, What The Fuck is going on? I can understand if they go against sites that list mp3s for download, but song lyrics? I'm the kind of monkey that hears a nice song on the radio, then goes to google the song by typing in a few lines of the lyrics to see what pops up and then head down to get the CD. If these lyrics sites don't exist, How The Fuck am i going to find what is the title of that song and then get the CD because of that song? Talk about shooting themselves in the marketing foot. I can just imagine this situation

Dude A : Hey, you know that new Nickelback song about a photograph or something?
Dude B: Yeah, quite cool song
Dude A: Can send me a MSN message with a few lines of the lyrics so that i can go google about it and see what is that song about?
Dude B: I can't do that, that would be illegal

I guess it's hello, kissthisguy as Jimi Hendrix was said to have sung and goodbye, common sense/correct lyrics. I guess next time i can't even type a single line of a song lyric as i would be doing something illegal. FUCK

Friday, May 06, 2005

It's been a while

It's been quite a while.I guess i must be busy programming and trying to finish the demo.Somehow, the past 2 weeks of April wasn't as productive as the first 2 weeks of April. I was trying to create an animation of a soldier dying when kena hit by a bullet when i thought so hard until i fell asleep in the office. But then when i woke up, i had the answer right there and then.All in all, i spent 5 hours figuring out something which i finished in only 3 hours and that was only after a 30 minute nap. Sheesh, i need to be more productive.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today ain't productive

Today wasn't such a good day for me. I wasn't feeling so pumped up as yesterday. I finished up the minimap and made it dynamic so that it can accept maps of any length and width. Then i whacked in the standing animation where the soldier does some animation after standing around for a few seconds.But the problem is that with the soldier so small at 16 pixels high.The animation is barely noticeable. I've have to raise this issue up with the designer tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Mission 1 done

Finally managed to type a brief intro and mission synopsis for this World War 2 game that i'm currently doing. After doing too much research and reading too much websites. I'm thinking of inserting a secret scenario where the british forces will parachute into Berlin, storm Hitler's living quarters and give him a massive wedgie for starting World War 2. The wedgie will come only after the soldiers write the words "Shitler" on his forehead. I'm thinking of making this an easter egg. With me as sole programmer, insults are only limited by my own imagination, hahaahah.

Getting rid of spyware

I've discovered that i got this irritating spyware called tbps.exe and pib.exe running in my PC. I innocently thought that deleting the files would solve my problem. But when i deleted the files, the spyware reinstalled itself on my PC again. Wtf is happening?This is the worse case of spyware infestation on my PC ever. So surfing the net a abit, i discovered that the best way to get rid of tbps.exe and pib.exe is to
1) Boot up your PC in safe mode
2) Under Uninstall software,uninstall the program Websearch toolbar.
3) Shutdown your PC and reboot it under command prompt
4) Delete the folder Tools and WinTools under the Common Files folder in Program Files.
5) Run Ad-aware to remove the excess junk

Remember to disconnect your internet connection before proceeding with step 1.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Japanese women?

After seeing these 2 pics.I somehow change my perception of japanese women to be chiobu.It's amazing what a truckload of makeup can do for the common japanese woman.

On a better note. I finally managed to get the customised bitmapped fonts to work for my game.That means 1 less thing to do at work tomorrow and more time to play Yahoo Literati during working hours liao.But i still have a headache on how to implement "Weapon equipment" for the game. I guess i will have to sleep on it and hope something hits me on the head tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Wanna seduce a korean woman?

I read this from a forum and laughed my head off. But i won't be surprised if some idiot falls for it,hook, line and sinker.A regular cai tao.